You should register within  14 days of your arrival at the local residents registration office ( “Kreisbüro” for  the city of Zurich and “Einwohnerkontrolle” for other communities in the canton of Zurich)  even if you are staying in a hotel. Registration must, in any case, be effected before starting a job. Assuming you already have an employment contract, take with you the following documents for registration:

• Original passports for you and all family members
• Your health insurance certificate (showing you hold a policy with a Swiss health insurance company)
• Two passport photos each for you and all family members
• Civil status documents such as family book, marriage certificate, birth certificates of children etc.
• Your employment contract
• Your rental contract
• Your "Zusicherung der Aufenthaltsbewilligung”if available, which you will be given by your employer. This is a confirmation that you have been granted a permit in Switzerland (only for non-Eu citizens)
The residents registration office will charge CHF 20.-- per person for the registration, plus additional fees for the issuance of the permits (depending on the type of permit)
For further information, contact:

Migrationsamt des Kantons Zürich (Cantonal immigration authorities)
Berninastrasse 45, 8090 Zürich
Tel: 043 259 88 00
Fax: 043 259 88 10

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday
08h00 – 12h00
13h00 – 16h30


The Canton of Zurich has produced a very useful website in English to welcome newcomers to the area. It includes information on Education and Employment, Housing and Transport, and Leisure and Recreation. A second more general website can be seen here.