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City Police to make use of body cameras

The City Police have announced they are to use body cameras for a trial period next year.

As new legislation was required before such cameras can be used, the trial will not actually start until Wednesday 1 February. Even then, the cameras, just eight initially, will be used in only four divisions of the city, namely in Aussersihl, the City itself, Industrie and in Special Division. The cameras, which are attached to the officers' uniforms, will be used when, for example, someone is being interviewed and there is a risk the situation could escalate. What is also of note is that the interviewee must be informed in advance that the camera is to be used. Any film taken will be deleted automatically after a period of 100 days, unless it is needed for any subsequent legal proceedings.
As Daniel Blumer, the superintendent of the City Police,  further added, such cameras will not be used when policing major events

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