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Pumpkin exhibition at Jucker Farm

The largest pumpkin exhibition in Switzerland takes place each year at the Juckerhof Farm. The adventure farm in Seegräben is transformed into a bright orange paradise with thousands of pumpkins from the end of August until the beginning of November. This year’s “Royal Pumpkin” theme is reflected in the giant pumpkin sculptures in the shape of various “royalties”. A visit to the farm is a perfect outing with a variety show featuring over 300 pumpkins, different pumpkin varieties for sale, and refreshments available from the farm restaurant that include treats using pumpkins and other seasonal ingredients. Information about the pumpkin sculptures will now be available in English as well.

During the pumpkin exhibition, many special activities and highlights will be held. On 21 September, the legendary Pumpkin Regatta takes place, while pumpkin-carving king Ray Villafane (USA) will be a guest of honour on 26/27 September. On 6 October, the largest pumpkins in Switzerland from the Swiss Pumpkin-Weighing Championships will be displayed at the farm, and 26 October is Family Halloween Day. Finally, you can watch live as the giant pumpkins are “butchered” on 3 November.
Erlebnisbauerhof Jucker Farmart
Dorfstrasse 23
8607 Seegräben
+41 (0)44 934 34 84
+41 (0)44 934 34 98


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