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Dance For Freedom, this year's Street Parade motto!

The Street Parade is a demonstration in dance in favour of love, peace, freedom and tolerance. The Street Parade 2013 motto, DANCE FOR FREEDOM, focuses on freedom.

The personal freedom to live as far as possible without conventions and constraints is a great gift. But following one's inner voice is a constant challenge. It's often not easy to "be oneself". Let us try to listen more to ourselves, to our gut feelings, to our heart – but also to our minds. Let us work together for a peaceful world and live out our dreams, because only where peace reigns is freedom possible!

But freedom is also only possible where mutual respect and tolerance exist. Naturally, freedom does not mean that everything is allowed and that there are no rules: Freedom ceases to exist where others are restricted or disadvantaged by what we do. At the Street Parade, for example, we meet people who treat each other with respect and come together with tolerance. Let us enjoy the multi-layered, multi-faceted electronic music that has continued to develop in recent years like no other style of music and that has brought lots of new stars from the sub-culture to the hit lists.

We look forward to a peaceful, colourful Street Parade 2013 with cheerful, tolerant and peaceful people from all over the world!

Verein Street Parade Zürich


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