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Happy Birthday Champ

This letter to the Editor appeared in the Times 1975:

The Senior Citizens Center for the Physically Handicapped at 37 Hillside Avenue in Washington Hights, under the auspices of Self Help (instituted by Jews from Germany), is attended primarily by Jewish people. If it were closed , 54 people would have no other place to go and be left to their solitude. Miraculously and unexpectedly, this center was saved, not by the U.J.A. Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, nor by another Jewis organization or wealthy Jews, but by the heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest."

Inside his large, handsome physique beats a big, soft heart that evidently knows no discrimination for charity. Ali did not have to rescue this program for votes or fame, not does he need to seek Jewish favors. For tax purposes he certainly can find enough  charitable  causes among his black brethren. Ali may just reciprocate the generous contributions to balck causes made by Jewish organizations.

Ali demonstrates that minorities should help each other, that we need each other. Ali is true philanthropist.

Cherlotte Wahle
New York

Back in 1975, he was asked why he had contributed to the home for the elderly. Ali responded:
'Service to others is the rent I pay for my room here on Earth'

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