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eGuete Impressions of Zurich: May 2012

Kaisers Reblaube serves Swiss and international cuisine, in a 13th century home that once also housed Goethe during his stays in Zurich. This is now known as the Goethe-Stübli, an exclusive area where there are placed only 6 tables.

They have the non-vegetarian and vegetarian course menus as well as A La Carte. My co-reviewer took the Reblaube Salad and I had the creamy parsley root soup. The salad was made with fresh ingredients, but may not suit the ‘iceburg lettuce’ fans. My parsley root soup was bland in taste, and the texture was not smooth to the palette.

Our main course came immediately afterwards. Service standards were very good, the crowd seemed to be of an average age of 50. My co-reviewer tasted their Breast of Guinea Fowl, a house specialty, while I tried the small potato Ricotta Gnocchi. The fowl was excellent in all ways: cooked to the right tenderness, topped with a special grilled sauce, and accompanied with fresh spring vegetables. The Gnocchi did not offer anything special, but the side spinach had a special taste with it.

Our food went very well with the house wines.
We ended our evening with the chocolate mousse, which was very well made for a Swiss mousse. It didn’t have the same darker colour and thicker texture as the French versions.

Verdict: Try it for the difference in ambience and promptness in service. Stay away from the vegetarian options, though! yesyes


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