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Ballenberg outing

Mother's Day

Let me explain why this is probably the best gift you can give to your wife for Mother's day.

I know your wife is not your mother, but it is the mother of your child(ren), so appreciate that by starting
to celebrate Mother's Day already on Saturday 7th May.

Here is the plan:

Participate on the Joy-Ride event on May 7th, one day before Mother's Day .
Let your wife drive one of the fancy cars, whilst you're driving with your child(ren) in your own car to Ballenberg.

Make sure that some of your friends will participate as well, so your wife will have either a nice co-pilot or somebody
with whom she can share this experience.

Here the 3 arguments why this will be a success:

1. Your wife will be happy because she will spend a fantastic day with her family at a very good price,
without being bothered with all the organizational issues.

2. Your children will be happy because they will discover Ballenberg with other children and have the chance to get
in "touch" with some typical Swiss animals and craftship.

3. You'll be happy because you are offering all this to your family and if you are lucky your wife will drive your family car back home and you will find yourself behind the steering wheel of a fancy car . And if not, you will have enough time to check out the cars at the parking...

for more information about the event click here

Here a video to see what Ballenberg stands for:

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