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Get Creative in Zurich

For those in the know Switzerland is a creative country. One of the world’s most used fonts is Helvetica, a font developed in Switzerland by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957. Given a the question if you could only bring one thing with you on a deserted island most people would respond with a Swiss Army knife. The list of creative things that Swiss inventors have given to the world is impressive for such a small country. For all those interested in design and creativity, Swiss Miss is not an instant hot chocolate but refers to Tina Roth Eisenberg and her design blog and studio in New York City.


Tina Eisenberg comes from Speicher AR after completing her studies in Geneva and Munich she went State Side and worked for several renowned design firms. In a way of getting more people interacting with design and creativity she started CreativeMornings: monthly 20 minute lectures by designers, creative people and entrepreneus to share their ideas. These are held in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Zurich.


In Zurich the CreativeMornings are organized and moderated by Daniel Frei, a professional moderator and communications expert. One beautiful spring afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting down with Daniel Frei to talk about CreativeMornings, creativity in Switzerland and the power of the internet.


In his quiet backyard with the sun shining on us we sat over a cup of tea and started talking. Before I could even get my first question out, Daniel was interested in where I was from and then we started connecting the dots on how we knew each other. Networks and connectivity became the topic of our conversation. Both of us try and connect people whenever possible. What Daniel also understands is that sometimes you need to jump out there to make a connection. 


Daniel made that jump last year. Tina Eisenberg had hosted a special CreativeMorning Zurich with Freitag and Hiltl last summer. Daniel loved the idea and contacted Tina to see if she’d allow him to organize and moderate CreativeMornings in Zurich. Tina said yes and now Daniel and a dedicated team of volunteers organize a CreativeMorning every month at different locations throughout the city. 


With the varying locations CreativeMornings allow guests to see new parts of the city and discover new venues. It was through the CreativeMorning that I discovered a gem of a restaurant on the Langstrasse — Dini Mueter (Your Mother). Great food and great prices for anyone working out near Staufacher. 


CreativeMornings also allow creative people to get inspired before heading to the office for  the day and connect with people who are also in the creative field or would like to get involved with creative people. Everyone is asked for their Twitter name and you can connect to the new people you’ve met and start to plug into the innovative energy that pulses throughout the city and attracts so many people to Zurich.


The talks are generally held in German, which is a great way for Expats to practice their listening skills. And while the talk is generally in German, most presenters have very good English skills and are open to taking questions in English and answering in English should the questioner not feel confident enough to try in German.


Zurich’s CreativeMorning is another way that Zurich shows itself as a dynamic and internationally connected city and not just in terms of finance. If you’d like to connect to the CreativeMorning and find out more visit: and follow it on Twitter: @Zurich_CM and connect on Facebook: 

Written by: Christian Langenegger, co-founder of Marathon Sprachen

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