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We love this city

       Two American girls in Zurich have decided to finally present the expatriate women in this city with what they have been dying for over the past decade: the ultimate Girlfriend Guide to local shops, bars and restaurants, beauty salons and events in Zurich. There is no doubt that every woman needs to nourish the needs of that little girl who likes to be pampered and spoiled, who needs fun and attention and here is where the American Girl in Zurich walks in. As one of the characters in “Beautiful girls” says: “They are all sisters, brother” and indeed we are. And with the recently increasing expat community in Zurich, women more than ever need a sisterhood where they can swim in their own waters: The AGIZ 'Girlfriend' loves exploring and indulging in all life has to offer!  She may not be from Zurich originally and she is not necessarily American, but she appreciates the loveliness of the city and is eager to fully immerse herself in its beauty. She enjoys dabbling in the finer amenities of life and may often be seen soaking her toes at a pedicure, sipping Argentine wine at an intimate tasting or snagging the sample sale dress. This woman loves her city and she is always one to "Immerse, Explore and Share" all her fabulous finds”, say founders Deja Rose and Angelica Cipullo.

        The purpose of the American Girl in Zurich online Magazine is to help you feel welcome and at home within your new city. Most of us know how lost and frustrated we can feel when arriving in a new country, not being able to find the right hair stylist, nail salon or even a restaurant. AGIZ has the ambition to answer all your questions from the very beginning and be your best gal from day one in Zurich. What I also find a great idea is the weekly recipe, published on the guide and the section “Girls Night Out”.

         The two girls behind this project are American of course and they love discovering Zurich’s hot spots. “Our meetings are always held somewhere new for one of us at least: a swanky yet comfortable cafe or bar. In our free time, we love walking our dogs around Lake Zurich and exploring independent boutiques where the shopkeepers are passionate about their products!”
Angelica Cipullo, the other founder of AGIZ, has an extensive background in events, hospitality and sponsorship and has had the opportunity to work with a few distinguished sporting events, venues and athletes. She’d been recently working in the UK as Head of Communications for a global arts festival. Deja has spent the last 8 years in upscale spa management and development, working at the Four Season's Hotel and Trump International. Now, she enjoys visiting European countries, finding out more about the spa and wellness industry, from the natural thermal baths in Baden to the ancient hammams in Istanbul. 

         The official launch of was last week. More than 30 girls came to celebrate the new online magazine, sipping Prosecco and white wine, provided by Soif & Thirst and nibbling on raw vegetables and Crudite curry dip by Beat Heuberger. All girls were wearing high heels, rocking their gorgeous summer outfits and looking stunning. The event was organized at the Holmes Place SPA on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.
Tsitaliya Mircheva

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