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Body, Mind and Soul

Every day we seek for ways to improve the quality of our lives and no matter the quality of life in Switzerland we still face challenges, which often frustrate and tire us, and thus deprive our minds and hearts from the ability to enjoy living. In attempt to support and improve the better living of our expatriate community ZURICH4YOU organized an event together with Zurich Insurance Generalagentur Josef Zurkirchen, Allegra Language School and Sandro Primus. This joint venture demonstrated how we can build our own Maslow’s pyramid, satisfying fundamental human needs like safety, belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization in our every day lives.
The event Body Mind and Soul started with a speech by Joseph Zurkirchen, manager of the Zurich Insurance Generalagentur Seefeld, who presented his agency and the insurance services as an important pillar of security around which we can build the rest of our lives. His agency had a free voucher for an insurance policy for each of the guests in the next four months. With his passion and enthusiasm, and 30 years of experience in the insurance business Mr. Zurkirchen left no doubts about the excellent quality of services his agency provides, treating clients as part of one family.

Talking about family our partners from Allegra school Zurich Evi Gerike and Max Amsler spoke about the importance of learning a language in order to better integrate in the country where we live. Their school is relatively young but fast-growing and attractive to those who search for dynamic and interactive methods of education. We had the chance to hear a personal story from one of their teachers and at the same time a student at the school. He came a couple of years ago from Ireland and found his “family” with Allegra. You can read more about Allegra here. 

During the second part of our event Sandro Primus, a personal trainer and mental coach talked about the different methods of meditation and why mental exercise is important. His presentation raised a lot of questions among the guests including why do we need to meditate if we do sports every day? What is the difference between the two?
“Sport cures stress, but stress is a result of the mind and meditation targets the root of the problem, which means it affects the mind directly”, concluded Sandro. “Our brains produce thoughts all the time, without a break even during the night. Through meditation we give them a break, during which the cells can rejuvenate and their capacity can be restored. This is how we improve the life longevity of our brains and its quality of work for the future” added Sandro. He coached the guests that same evening into a couple of meditation techniques and then encouraged us all to talk about the experience. His present to everyone was a small moleskin notebook, where we can write down the thoughts arising during meditation.

After the presentations the guests had the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset above the Zurich lake from the Opera House terrace, while sipping light white wine and having healthy food snacks. It was one of the warm evenings in Zurich, when we could enjoy the beginning of the summer days, chat with other expatriates and exchange useful tips about our lifestyle.

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