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Zurich's Department of Integration

Announcement in English

Since 2009, the Canton of Zurich’s Department of Integration has been hosting events to welcome newcomers, providing them with a platform for questions and answers about settling into the canton.

This year we are extending our events for English-speaking people. They will bring newcomers and established Expats together, creating an opportunity for discussion and also reaching out to a wider group of people.

This autumn the first special welcome and information session for English-speaking people will be held in cooperation with is an event planning expert for Zurich and manages the expat focused website

The main concept of the welcome event hosted by Zurich’s Department of Integration will remain the same: a blend of information and entertainment, dealing with integration related topics and how they are perceived in the canton. However, the new presentation format will revolve more around Zurich’s location, history and specific features, illustrating how they work together to help people integrate.
Also new to the event is the conscious effort to bring new and established expats together. The Department aims to establish a platform in which “experts” and “newcomers” can exchange information and experiences about life in the Canton of Zurich.

Through the Department also hopes to create an environment in which expat residents can be informed and make their voices heard—all with the aim of increasing a sense of belonging. 


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