Just some of the logistics behind the concert given by Ms Knowles-Carter

On Friday evening the American singer Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, better known only by her first name, gave a concert at the Letzigrund Stadium in the city, though this article in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper (TA) concentrates not so much on what and how she performed (it was written before the concert), but on all the preparations required beforehand.
Work began over a week before the 34-year-old was due to sing, with more than 100 lorries needed to transport all what was required for the stage, lighting and sound. To make it easier for all the technicians involved, the transport police cordoned off a number of car parks in the immediate vicinity, such as those on Bienenplatz, Bienenstrasse, Bullingerstrasse, Baslerstrasse and Hardgutstrasse. Football fans will be relieved to know the turf at the stadium was carefully covered over to protect it from damage by concert-goers.
Catering facilities were set up not just for Beyoncé fans, but also for all the workmen involved in the preparations. It was actually the ZFV catering company with a staff of 400 who prepared the 20,000 sausages, 400 kilogrammes of chips, 300 kilogrammes of chicken nuggets and 30,000 litres of beer expected to be consumed at the concert itself.
Fans had been warned before they went not to take tablets, extension sticks for taking better photographs of themselves, belts with rivets, bags with chains, roller skates and umbrellas with them, for reasons of safety.
Then, hours before the concert was due to begin, police warned locals to avoid the whole Letzigrund-Hardbrücke-Pfingsweidstrasse area and for concert-goers to use public transport.
Fans were not told in advance what Beyoncé, who was voted the most beautiful woman in 2012, was going to sing, though it was expected she would perform extracts from her latest album entitled “Lemonade”.
This article in the TA also failed to mention how much time the Houston-born singer spent having her hair done, having her make-up applied and rehearsing. Whatever, the concert is sure to have been performed with great fizz.

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