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Police and organisers of Street Parade take into account events in Nice

On Saturday 13 August the Street Parade will be taking place for the 25th time in the city. As usual, hundreds of thousands are expected to attend and enjoy themselves at this summer event.
With lorries and trucks dressed up as floats during the event, it is only natural that the city police and the organisers have taken into account the dreadful event in Nice last week when more than 80 people were killed as a lorry was driven in to the crowds on the Promenade des Anglais.
As City police spokesman Michael Walker said, “We note what happened in Nice last week and have taken this into consideration in our planning with regard to the deployment of both our uniformed and plain clothes officers. He went on to say that the City Police was in also in constant touch with other police forces and federal authorities.
The route of the Street Parade this year will remain the same as in past years with some 30 love mobiles starting off from Utoquai, and many other floats joining in with them as they make their way to the harbour at Enge.
Stefan Epli, a spokesman for Street Parade said the organisers of the event were aware of potential dangers but it was not altering its security plans in any particular way, and mentioned how the City Police has been working with them for 24 years now in getting it all right.
The Street Parade Association is actually spending some CHF 160,000 on private security staff with a further CHF 100,000 on security for the love mobiles themselves. Understandably, neither Walker nor Epli wanted to divulge too much information with regard to security.
As this article in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper mentioned, the Street Parade was initially set up as a way of demonstrating love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance. This year, the theme is “Unique! Zurich is unique! You are unique!”   

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