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Offices of Statistics report 6,100 empty flats in the canton

According to figures published by the Office of Statistics of the City of Zurich and that of the canton, as of 1 June this year there were as many as 6,100 empty flats in the canton, 600 more than in June 2015 and 2,000 more than three years ago.
The statistics of recent years showed that the number of empty flats between the period 2008-2012 was virtually constant at 4,000, though the figure has constantly risen over the past four years.
The statistics also revealed that, of these empty flats, those of all sizes were affected. However, whereas flats with four rooms or more accounted for 40% of empty flats in the Nineties, now every other flat empty is of this size. In other words, every fifth empty flat today has fewer than three rooms.
The highest number of empty flats, at 1.85%, was reported in the Pfannenstiel area followed closely by that of the Oberland area at 1.55%. In Winterthur the percentage of empty flats amounted to 0.75% only.
As to the city of Zurich, there were 484 empty flats recorded at the beginning of summer, almost the same amount as in the previous year. Most of these were in more central areas where much new building is taking place, such as in Enge and Langstrasse. The areas of the city with the fewest empty flats include Zurich-Nord and in districts 11 and 12.
Of the 484 empty flats mentioned in the previous paragraph, 192 were in new developments. The number of empty flats in older buildings increased from 291 to 338 over the course of last year. Most of the empty new flats in the city were those with higher rents, namely at CHF 34 per square metre or more.
What needs to be remembered is that, while the number of empty flats as recorded on 1 June may appear high, this does not mean they remain empty for long, with most flats taken over very quickly after the previous occupant leaves.

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