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SBB takes action to improve internet connection and telephone lines

The SBB has announced that it is currently taking steps to speed up internet connection and make telephone service less susceptible to interruption on its S-Bahn suburban network. However, the company has ruled out providing a totally free network connection.
Regular commuters will know it can take minutes to get a connection if they want to send an e-mail or watch a video via a mobile phone, but now such services are set to improve through the installation of signal amplifiers on these S-Bahn suburban services.
According to SBB spokesman Reto Schärli, 3G and 4G signal amplifiers have already been installed on 200 older trains. This is not necessary on new trains as they come already equipped. These would also mean fewer telephone calls being interrupted.
As mentioned, the SBB has declined to install a totally free wireless network connection, as it would be just too expensive. Schärli pointed out that it was already available free of charge at some 80 large stations, where customers can download their favourite newspaper and read it on the journey.
While these improvements are new to the suburban network, all passengers on long-distance SBB train services have been able to benefit from these amplifiers for two years now. It is hoped that, over the course of the next six years, all 1,700 carriages of the SBB used on regional services nationwide will be equipped with them, too.
This does not apply to carriages of “Flirt” trains in the Basel and central Switzerland areas; experts are currently looking to find a technical alternative to improve communication connection on services here.

One further improvement the SBB announced, asmentioned in this article in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, was that all train compositions would soon come with low floors, except those additional trains brought into service at rush hours.  

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