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Court clears parents of schoolboy

A court in the municipality of Bülach, just to the north of Zurich Airport, has absolved the parents of a schoolboy after the school he attended pressed charges against them for failing to attend parents’ evening.
The school claimed, that, in failing to attend without apologising for their absence in advance, they had contravened laws pertaining to primary and secondary schools.
It appears the parents not only failed to attend parents’ evening but a number of other events at the school at which their presence was required, each time failing to send their apologies for absence. Furthermore, they had failed to respond to correspondence sent to them by the school.
The school management took action and made it clear to the 14-year-old boy’s parents, who hail from Jamaica and hardly speak German at all, what their rights and duties where in respect of their son attending the school and at the same time asked them to sign an agreement setting out that their attendance at certain functions was compulsory, which they duly did.
When the parents failed again to attend a parents’ evening barely one month later, the school took up the matter with the office of Stattholder, a type of court, which fined the parents CHF 200. However, the district court in Bülach overturned this ruling and absolved the pair from the offence.

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