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Cracks appear in bowl at new fountain on Münsterhof

No-one can have failed to noticed the striking new fountain on the re-vamped, now car-free Münsterhof in the city, which was ceremonially inaugurated on the occasion of the Sechseläuten festivities in April this year.
Alas, it has been noticed that cracks have appeared on the underside of this six-metre-diameter and four-metre-high bronze bowl of this fountain, which is a focal point on this historic square with its new cobbles, so painstakingly re-laid to an old historic pattern.
According to Stefan Hackh of the city authorities responsible, some ten cracks have appeared, caused, according to experts, by the difference in temperature between the outer area of the bowl which gets the full rays of the sun and the lower part which is filled with water.
“We did not reckon on this,” admitted Hackh, though, as he added in this article in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper, the bowl is not at risk of collapsing and neither will it have to be replaced; it can be repaired.
Franz Romero of the local firm of architects Romero and Schaefle behind the fountain regretted the development, too, but said this sort of thing could happen with any new building, even those made of concrete.
In order to counteract criticism that there is not enough greenery in the square, the possibility of placing potted plants is being discussed.

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