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11-year-old expert gives his views on range of toys

It is only natural that proprietors of toy shops look forward to Christmas but the end of December will be particularly significant for the Franz Carl Weber store for another reason as it is moving to Bahnhofsplatz after being on Bahnhofstrasse for 125 years.
Despite plans for its move, the shop found the time to present a range of toys for this Christmas, with primary school pupil Matteo of Dällikon casting his expert eye over them. The 11-year-old is set on being a YouTube star, but failing this, the is not averse to training to be an IT technician. In fact you can tell where his interests lie in what he picks out.
First of all, Matteo looked at a CHF 269 robotic toy dog, with a remote control not unlike a Smartwatch, which he soon got the knack of, of course. With this, he is able to control it and make it turn and jump. While he likes the technology of it, he feels it is more for younger children.
Actually, what he had set his mind on was a hoverboard, though his mother put her foot down here, as she feels they are too dangerous. What is more, if you use them on the street you can be fined. Anyway, Franz Cark Weber does not sell them.
Then Matteo caught sight of an RC quadcopter FX-4 drone which can be commanded by speech control. While it does not respond to each of his commands, after all, he was talking Swiss German, this was more in Matteo’s line.  “It is marvellous,” he said. You only have to say “up” and it rises or “down” and it descends. It even loops the loop if you tell it to.”  In a comparison with other models, at CHF 89.95 this one came out best on a TV consumer programme.
What next caught Matteo’s eye was a Junior 3-D printer. Even though he thought it looked as though it was made out of Lego (it actually comes from the renowned Fischertechnik company), he thought this was wonderful. You have to put it together yourself but once this is done, you can recreate anything. Mind you, at CHF 800, it is expensive.
Matteo, with his unaffected youthful charm, is actually already a bit of an internet star as he can be seen examining all these toys on a video on the Tages-Anzeiger website.  

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