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Apprentices at Debt Enforcement Office to advise youngsters

The city’s Debt Prevention Service is to make use of young apprentices working at the Debt Enforcement Office (BA) to advise youngsters how to manage their money.
There are already courses provided by experts in debt prevention and officials at the BA, but now apprentices training at the latter are being invited to give advice to young people in the second year of secondary school about how to manage money and stay out of debt.
The apprentices at the BA offices are being asked if they would like to volunteer to help other youngsters in this way, as it is felt school pupils are more likely to listen to advice from someone nearer their own age.
Furthermore, the apprentices now receive their own wage and, through their work, they see only too clearly what the consequences of debt can be.
So far, the response from these pilot courses involving apprentices have been very positive. Now, a number of secondary schools have been invited to take part and all have agreed to. The apprentices are trained by a team of debt prevention experts, but the former themselves actually prepare the lessons. While, of course, money can be used to fulfil many a dream, youngsters will be taught that proper management of it can secure their existence and that learning to go without things is very important.
As this article in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper mentioned, so far 337 workshops about money and debt have been held since 2014, with as many as 5,312 pupils taking part. What is most encouraging is that there is a continual growth in demand.
Out of interest, 69 young people between the ages of 15 and 18 have been subject to sanctions imposed by the Debt Enforcement Office since April of this year, and over 2,800 in the 19-24-year age range.   

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