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Christophe Badoux (1964-2016)

Christophe Badoux, the comic illustrator behind the cult Zurich figure Stan the Hooligan, has died of a heart attack at the age of 52.
Marcel Gamma, who wrote the texts to Badoux’ cartoons, said in a statement to the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper and Newsnet agency that the series with Stan would not be continued. It was Gamma, who, along with Badoux, created this comic figure, an avid supporter of FC Zurich, in 2004.
Stan was always featured standing in his favourite “Südkurve” position at the Letzigrund stadium, “even though he was actually of too small a stature to have seen the game properly from there”. There was no questioning his loyalty to the club and he supported them in song, by carrying banners, drinking beer and even by smuggling flares into the stadium.
It was through Facebook and Twitter that Stan enjoyed a much wider audience than hitherto. In fact, two years ago Badoux and Gamma managed to get some CHF 11,000 together through crowdfunding on the internet to be able to bring out a book on Stan.
Badoux began working in District 4 of the city in 1994 and remained drawing there until his untimely death through heart failure. His work stood out from others on the illustrative scene of Zurich, with his admirers calling him the “Hergé of Switzerland”, as a result of the similarity of his clear linear drawings to those of the inventor of Tintin.
In addition to his cartoons featuring Stan the Hooligan, Badoux also worked as an illustrator of newspapers, magazines and schoolbooks. Among his other comic figures was Bupo (BUndesPOlizist - federal policeman) Shoch, who led investigations into murderous garden gnomes, though with humorous reference to real people there was no doubt of the implied political satire.
One of Badoux’ works was a 6-page comic-format biography of the Swiss artist Paul Klee, commissioned by the museum which features his work in Bern. No stone was left unturned as Badoux researched tirelessly into the Bernese artist’s life, sifting through countless letters and diaries, not to mention photographs which featured him.
Badoux also worked as a lecturer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, as well as being co-curator of the Lucerne Comic Festival. It was clear is that Stan the Hooligan was never really out of Badoux’ mind for long. One of his latest comic creations was Kooki, the white Alsation bitch belonging to Ancillo Canepa, the chairman of FC Zurich.
There is no doubt Badoux will be sorely missed, not just by his wife and two children, but by his publisher David Basler of Edition Moderne, with whom he shared a studio for 22 years. “What I remember is how Christophe always had time for all newcomers to the comic illustrator profession, patiently explaining to them all they needed to know and encouraging them to hang on in there,” he said.
Tages-Anzeiger illustrator Felix Schaad also knew Badoux well and added how much he would be missed on the Zurich comic illustrator scene.

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