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Is Paradeplatz really the most expensive locality in the country

Just as British players of Monopoly fear landing on Mayfair or Park Lane when owned by a fellow player, especially when it has houses or a hotel on it, so do Swiss players fear landing on Paradeplatz, as, on Monopoly boards here, this is the most expensive area of real estate. But is this really true? In a series of a similar articles, the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper has looked into such claims to see if they are just myths or really hold water.
When he was asked to clarify the matter, Marco Feusi of the Wüest Partner property advisory company said that prices to rent (shops) on Paradeplatz were indeed expensive but there were indeed more expensive areas of the city, for example in the part of Bahnhofstrasse nearer the Main Station. He said that the rent for boutique shop in this area could amount to CHF 9,300 per square metre per year. Bahnhofstrasse itself is the most expensive area in the whole of Switzerland to rent (shops), followed not far behind by the Rue du Rhône in Geneva, and not, incidentally, Place St François in Lausanne, as Monopoly boards here would have one believe.

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