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Is there such a thing as affordable accommodation in the city?

A recent article in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper quoted the Comparis website, which showed that the average rent for a three-room flat in Zurich amounted to CHF 2,432, the most expensive in the country for this size. By comparison, a similarly-sized flat in La Chaux de Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel was able to be rented for just CHF 1,111.
One other factor which is only exacerbating the problems in Zurich is that there are so few empty flats at present. Statistics published at the end of June showed that there were only 484, and most of these were in the upmarket sector.
It is not even that much easier in the areas on the edge of the city, either, where rents are usually cheaper, of course.  In fact it was in districts 11 and 12, namely Affoltern, Oerlikon and Schwamendingen, where the fewest empty flats were recorded.
Not that the city authorities are ignoring the problem; they currently own some 9,000 apartments and are hoping to increase the number of subsidised flats and those financed through cooperatives. In a longer-term plan, by 2050 they hope to increase the number of flats which benefit from charitable funds from the current 26.8% to 30%.
As this article concludes, no-one moves to Zurich in the hope of finding somewhere cheaper to live; indeed, nowhere in Switzerland is it more difficult to find affordable accommodation.

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