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Is it true there is an underground hospital at the Triemli?

It is understandable that rumours continue to circulate as to whether there is an underground hospital at the Triemlispital on Birmensdorferstrasse as there was one there once, but it was closed down in 2007.
This underground hospital was kept on standby in the event of having to treat casualties of war and other catastrophes and included an operating theatre in a bunker-style area. Despite this part of the hospital being on two floors, it covered an area of 3,700 square metres only. Since 2009 it has been used an archive and cloakrooms.
It is at the Universitätsspital where there still is an underground hospital for use in the event of any major disaster. Between eight and fifteen metres below ground, it is much bigger than the old one at the Triemli and, in the event of an emergency, could accommodate as many as 500 patients, all looked after by a team of 215 doctors, nurses and chefs.
According to this article in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper, even if it were cut off from the outside world, medical care could continue to be provided for two weeks.

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