There are a variety of Swiss and international schools (local and private) in the Canton of Zurich. on both the left and right sides of the Lake of Zurich and in Winterthur and Wallisellen.   Private schools offer either an English or a bilingual (German/English) education.  The Swiss school system has an excellent reputation, and most Swiss children attend their local public school.   Your child may attend the public school in the "Gemeinde" of your residence for free, offering kindergarden, elementary and high school education. Please read more information about the Swiss school system here

From kindergarten to university, Zurich benefits from wide-ranging education opportunities. Moreover, technical colleges, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Arts and a range of training and further education institutions offer training in almost any discipline imaginable. Zurich's education and training establishments are noted for the excellence of their teaching at home and abroad.

Consult our Guide for further information on private and international schools here