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ZEST was formed as the Zurich Comedy Club in 1954, but has since undergone some changes. We now run a host of different events throughout the year and have members from over 30 different countries. Although we have changed over the years, we are still a 100% self-funded group performing all kinds of theatre - comedies, dramas, musicals, and revues. We perform at least two public productions in May and November each year. Most years we also hold smaller performances at other venues in September.

Neither the President nor anyone else serving on the Committee is paid for their services and all actors, directors, and stage hands give their time and efforts without charge. Although we do not set a minimum age limit, due to the times we meet and the type of plays we perform, we generally suggest potential members be above the age of 16. To improve our skills, we run regular workshops for members and sponsor members at the NODA Summer School in the UK (The National Operatic and Dramatic Association, the main representative body for amateur theatre in the UK).

With the exception of advertisements in our programmes and on our website, ZEST has no outside support or sponsorship. Since its founding in 1954, we have donated over 350,000 CHF to charities.

ZEST looks forward to welcoming you at our productions or as a member. For more information, visit our website at www.thezest.ch.