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ZIWA is Zurich's leading International Women's Association 

Our purpose is simple. We bring together women of all ages and nationalities to help celebrate different cultures, expand our viewpoints and build friendships. With over 700 members representing 65 different nationalities, ZIWA is dynamic, very international and most importantly fun! 

As a member, you have a wonderful opportunity to make new friends as well as discover and share new interests. With regular monthly meetings and over 70 different interest groups currently on offer there's virtually "something for everyone". Browse our website www.ziwa.com to find out more. 

Long term resident or newcomer to Switzerland, all women who like to communicate in English are welcome to join. If you are a newcomer, then ZIWA offers you an invaluable opportunity to learn how to make the most of living in this wonderful country. And as many of our members are Swiss nationals - you're sure to learn some of the best insider tips first hand! 

Most of our members also know from experience what it's like to settle into a new city. So they are always willing to help any new arrivals to quickly get over the transition "blues" and really feel at home. 

Website:  www.ziwa.com        Email:  information1@ziwa.com