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Markus Künzli - Consultant
Since 1977 Markus has had a distinguished career in Swiss financial services. Originally he started his career at UBS and Winterthur insurance portfolio management. He then assumed a director role at Geneva Life from 1993 to 2005, responsible for financial planning implementation. From 2006 Markus has been independent and headed up private clients. Markus now holds a director role at MWC Group and oversees all financial planning work and investment confirmations carried out by the financial planning team as well as compliance and regulatory filing. 
Markus Künzli
Head of Private Clients
MWC Group, Etzelblickstrasse 1, 8834 Schindellegi, Switzerland 
Office:  +41 (0)44 421 7740 
Direct:  +41 (0)44 421 7745 
Mob:    +41 (0)79 299 5537
 Fax:     +41 (0)44 421 7741 
Email: markus.kuenzli@mwcgroup.chWeb:   www.mwcgroup.ch

Regulation & Professional Memberships:
MWC Group is the trading name of Manentia GmbH, registered in Switzerland (company registration number CH- Manentia GmbH is FINMA authorised  (number 29575) and member of Polyreg (www.polyreg.ch).