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Is it true there are more Porsches registered in the city than in any other in Switzerland?

It is phenomenon noticed by a lot of people sitting outside enjoying a cappuccino on the terrace of some street-side café. All of a sudden, there’s that distinctive sound, and a Porsche speeds by, followed by another.
It seems very much that nowhere does one see so many Porsches than in Zurich. Indeed, according to this article in the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper, there are no fewer than 2,493 registered in the city, compared with “just” 1,417 in Geneva.  The third highest number of Porsche vehicles is registered in the canton of Zug, where there are 727. As to other large Swiss cities, there are 713 in Lugano, 627 in Basel, 540 in Lausanne and 413 in Bern. Then comes Wilen near Wollerau.
Wilen near Wollerau? Yes, in the canton of Schwyz. It is here where 400 Porsches are registered, and when one looks at Porsche ownership per head, then it is here where most are recorded, with six people out of every hundred there owning such a car.
In Küsnacht on the shore of Lake Zurich and in Zug, too, three in every 100 people own a Porsche. As to St Gallen, 374 are registered there. When looking at the statistics for Zurich in this way, only one person in every hundred there owns a Porsche.

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