Techno Minimalism

About the artist and his work
Marcus lives in central Switzerland, in the city of Zug, working as an independent artist. 

His work focuses on modular construction. By using the golden ratio, Fibonacci proportions and algorithms, a complex work is generated from few or even a single basic element, similar to how a complex organism develops from a single cell.

The single work is always meant to be a representative of a superior constructive principle that can be found everywhere in this universe and that has been defining the harmonic impression of space, proportion and colour for eternities.

The result of this strongly structured approach is a concept - the plan of the work. This plan contains all information about how the elements of the work define themselves and how they relate to each other. When I produce the work, this plan materialises. For production I use industrial materials such as aluminum, sprayed ink, coloured foil and polyurethane.

Every work is unique and made only once. Parts of work are currently represented by the Gallery Kunstwarenhaus, Stockerstrasse 11, CH-8002 Zurich, Switzerland. Click here to visit their web page.

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