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Three Prostitute Zones in Zurich

Yesterday afternoon Zurich city council presented its new measurements to deal with prostitution in the city of Zurich. Included in the measures was the new plan for the sanctioned prostitution areas, which are to be enacted in 2012. The new measures still require the approval of the district council, which is expected to pass the measures in January 2012.


City council, the police, social workers and other citizens have voiced their concerns regarding prostitution in the city. The main issues of concern have been sex slavery, safety issues and the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases.


The first measure will see the issuing of trade papers to prostitutes working both on the street and within establishments. This will give the city a better understanding of who is practicing prostitution and allow them to follow trends, as well as provide better services for sex trade workers.


Martin Waser, head of the social department, presented the newly designated prostitution zones. For prostitution aimed at people in vehicles convenience booths will be build in Altstetten and Allmend Brunau. A pedestrian prostitution zone will be established in Niederdorf.


The new convenience booths are designed to ensure both privacy as well as safety and will be fitted with emergency switches. The German city of Cologne has reported great success in safety for its prostitutes since it established the booths. 


Until the new measures are actualized the prostitution zone on the Sihlquai will remain a designated area for prostitution in the city.


Head of the department of health, Claudia Nielsen, in her speech pointed out that one of the main dangers facing prostitutes is that they are unaware of their rights. To increase prostitutes’ awareness of their legal rights, specialists working for social NGOs in the city of Zurich will have better access to resources.


Summary of the new measurements:

  • The Sihlquai prostitution zone to be banned.
  • No prostitition zone on the Langstrasse will be allowed.
  • The Allmend Brunau prostitution zone will remain active.
  • A further prostitution zone will be set up in Altstetten on the Aargauerstrasse.
  • The existing zone in Niederdorf will remain the only pedestrian prostitution zone.

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