Women's Expo, 26 May 2013

Having realised that more and more women are starting small- to medium- size businesses in Switzerland, I decided that the idea of an event to celebrate, promote and showcase women in business made sense. "My personal goal in life is to positively impact women by encouraging them to believe in themselves, connecting them to build strong and positive relationships in their lives and help them become successful in whatever it is that they do." So the Women's Expo was
born - “a premier one-day event designed for professional women and female business owners to promote their businesses and showcase their products to all of Switzerland.”

The Women's Expo will be an annual event in which female entrepreneurs in Switzerland come together to showcase their businesses and products - an event that brings women together to celebrate Female entrepreneurs in Switzerland.
We believe in bringing together people. We strive to provide supportive opportunities for women-owned businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors, and companies large and small. We want to provide an environment of value to attendees and make a positive impact in the markets we serve. We believe by doing so, we create a community. We launched an initiative to incorporate a charitable component into The Women’s Expo. We feel it is vital to have a positive impact in our community.

We are targeting professional women and female business owners in Switzerland. Women are keen to discover new products, information and ideas. Women who want to support other women in business. We are expecting women aged between 25 - 45 years old to attend our expo. Both married and single women who value their families. Women who are looking for ways to develop themselves for the better and are key decision makers.

Exhibiting at The Women's Expo offers one of the most cost-effective means of exposure. Face-to-face advertising provides the ultimate opportunity to further broaden and brand your business in a positive and effective marketing environment.

Exhibitors utilize the expo format by being able to connect with consumers on a personal level. This creates an opportunity not only for sales, but to build relationships and loyalty. This interaction is perfect for launching new products, sampling and getting your product into the hands of potential consumers. Introducing products, services and information at the expo will provide invaluable market insight, and feedback.

Giving Back
15 per cent of the proceeds from the Expo will go to the charity Swiss AIDS Care International – Zurich.

Lisa Chuma - +41764155604

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