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Zurich Police on Twitter

In order to give the citizens of Zurich a better understanding of what the police actually do the department launched a 24 hour Twitter campaign tweeting every call they received and every official police action.


The day started at 6:30 with a welcoming message telling followers that the campaign had started and to stay tuned over the next 24 hours. Then it started with “Unconscious man found laying in front of a house in Kreis 4” followed by “Patrol car on its way to a fight in Zurich-Altstetten.” and then “Signs of attempted break-in found on a building in Kreis 6, patrol car Limmat 6 is on its way.”


By seven o’clock a well known Zurich blogger brought the Twitter team croissants for breakfast and later in the morning a fan club was started by followers on Facebook for the patrol car Limmat 6. During this time many people started to follow the feed and users were also able to ask the police questions.


The campaign was designed to give residents better insight in to the daily work done by the police, but also as a public relations move. Of course over the period of the day some of the cases were more exciting than others, but the public received a good picture of what a day for the Zurich police looks like. 


The Zurich City Police started using social media on November 1, 2011.

Monday, December 5, 2011.

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